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WHO? I'm Debi, a twenty-something from Scotland. I'm a blogger, a photography enthusiast with a huge love of rugby and anything sweet. I am very family orientated and a huge dog lover too - as the name would suggest!

WHAT? Since April 2013, I have been blogging over at my lifestyle blog, Dib-Dab-Debs where I have been recording my life from holidays to wish lists, random thoughts to my marriage, wish lists to adventures but now it's time to also settle down with a genre that is a little less vague. With a lot of my readership being young or just not interested in this side of my life, I decided to set up Jack Russells and Rainbows to document the trials and tribulations of trying to conceive, pregnancy loss and hopefully as my journey progresses pregnancy itself and life with a baby. 

WHY THE NAME? My currently family consists of three: myself, my husband and our almost seven year old Jack Russell Terrier that answers most of the time to Roxie. But we also have three little angels. You can find each of their stories HERE, HERE and HERE. After you lose a baby sometimes subsequent pregnancies and babies are referred to as "rainbows", presumably because the loss of a baby is the storm and the baby afterwards is the rainbow that brightens your day. As I am on the journey to my rainbow and I already have a furry baby in the form of my JRT I popped the two together and BAM! Jack Russells and Rainbows was conceived. Pun intended.

ANYTHING ELSE? I am PR friendly and would love the opportunity to collaborate with brands and companies that best reflect this blog. Any products that I have not purchased myself will be clearly marked while all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. Furthermore all content within this blog is copyrighted to myself. Please ask permission should you wish to use any images.

Please feel free to contact me at jrtandrainbows[@]gmail[.]com . I can also be found on twitter @jrtandrainbows if you are looking for a more immediate response.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have no medical training nor do I claim to give anyone advice on trying to conceive, pregnancy and loss, I only share my own experiences. Should you require advice pertaining to you please seek a medical professional. 

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